Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lisa's Rock Star pick!!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined the color/Father's Day challenge! Your projects are terrific!

Mona's mixed media canvas is just stunning. The story behind the pieces she used is fantastic and this really unique piece caught my eye instantly. Great job, Mona! ~ Lisa 


  1. Yay! I am a glamette again!!!! Thanks so much Breelin!

  2. Holly - THANK you so much - I am thrilled to find my card among the Glamettes! Big congrats to Mona and the other Glamettes!

  3. Wow, Mona- Congrats and I love your Mixed Media canvas art!! Thanks Amy for choosing my card as one of the Glamettes and congrats to the rest of the Glamettes as well- great job by all!!

  4. Congrats to all! So many fabulous and inspiring projects! Thank you so much for featuring my project! Quite honored! Looking forward to the next challenge!


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